Back Plates


  • Intermediate Plate
  • Adaptor Plate
  • Flange
  • Adaptor Flange

Selection & Ordering

The points must be considered while selecting the right type of the Backplates :

  • The Blackplates should be chosen to suit the spindle of the machine. The common spindles are A type, D Type, L Type and threaded spindles.
  • Having determined the type of spindle, then the size of the Backplate should be selected . For instance, in the A type of spindle there can be A4,A5,A6 and so on.
  • The diameter of the Backplate should be chosen so that it is more than the diameter of the chuck. The extra diameter should then be machined, on the same machine on which the chuck is to be mounted. After maintaining a close fit, the chuck should be mounted on this diameter.

Description & Features

The Backplates are made of special Cast Iron and are very sturdy in design. The tapers on the Backplates are manufactured to a close tolerance, giving a very close fit to the spindle, thus ensuring a high degree of accuracy.

Common Uses

The Backplates are used for mounting chucks on to the Lathe spindle. They may also be used for mounting fixtures on to the Lathe Spindle.

Scope of Supply

The Smitra Backplates consists of two pieces of castings, machined for mounting on the rear of the chuck and on to the spindle of the machine. The Backplates are also fitted with cam pins for mounting bolts.

Ordering Example

Smitra Backplate - 200mm/A2-6 suitable for HMT NH22 machine to fit 200 mm dia central brand chuck.