Wheel Dressers for Grinding Machines (HMT K-130)

Description & Features

The Dressers, for HMT K-130 Grinding Machines, have a base to sit on machine Beds having T-bolt tightening arrangement. The centre line of the Dressers is perfectly ensured for accurate dressing of grinding wheels. All the Dressers ensure a centre height of 130 mm, hence no height setting is required.

The Dressers are available for :

  • Parallel Dressing
  • Inclined and Tapered Dressing
  • Convex or Concave Radial Dressing

All the Dressers have mounting arrangement to fit a 12.00 Delta shank Diamond Dresser.

Common Uses

The Smitra Dressers are meant for use on HMT K - 130 Grinding machines to dress grinding wheels for required profiles.

Scope of Supply

The Dressers are manufactured strictly confirming to HMT specification, to suit machine beds of HMT K-130.

The Following types of Dressers are available :

  • D - 1 : Wheel Dresser on table.
  • D - 2 : Radial and Side Dresser.
  • D - 3 : Radial Dresser.
  • D - 4 : Inclined and Square Side Dresser.

Selection & Ordering

The Dresser is selected according to the operation to be performed.

Eg : For Plain Parallel dressing choose D - 1 ( Wheel dresser on Table ) or, Concave / Convex dressing select D - 3 ( Radial Dresser ).

To order the right type of Smitra Dresser specify type ( D - 1, D - 2, etc ) and application.