Inspection Mandrels


  • Lathe Inspection Mandrels
  • Axis Alignment - checking Mandrels

Selection & Ordering

To select the right Inspection Mandrel we need to know :

  • Length ( Over which alignment is required )
  • Taper of the spindle.

Common Uses

The Inspection Mandrels are used for checking the alignment of machine Spindle axis.

A Mandrel with a tapered shank serves to represent materially an axis of rotation, so that the axis can be checked for alignment.

A Mandrel mounted between centers provides a reference straight - line joining the two points ( centers ), so as to check the alignment of the centers.

Description & Features

The Inspection Mandrels are made of hardened and stabilized steel.

For easy usage and accuracy the Mandrels are provided with properly ground and lapped centers, recessed at both ends for protection from damage.

The 4 reference lines ( r ) are spaced 90 degree apart on the mandrel cylinder (ref. 1,2,3,4 in fig 2) for use in testing machines.

In Morse and Metric Tapers, the Mandrels are self holding in the socket (ref. fig. 2 ). A threaded hole is provided to fit a nut to extract the Mandrel from the socket.

In Steel or ISO Tapers, a tapped hole is provided for fixing the mandrel with a threaded retaining pin (ref. fig.3).To avoid Mandrel cylinder surface from being ' turned ' (by grinding) the Mandrel has an extension ( ref. P in fig.4) 14 to 32 mm in length and of slightly less diameter than of the Mandrel cylinder.

Scope of Supply

There are three types of Smitra Inspection Mandrels :

  • IM - 1 : Between Centers Mandrels.
  • IM - 2 : Test Mandrels with self lock Taper.
  • IM - 3 : Test Mandrels with self release Taper, also known as Steep Taper Mandrels.

Ordering Example :

  • In IM-1 the diameter dia and length - Type IM-1 / 63 dia X 300"
  • In IM-2 the taper size and length. - Type IM-2 / MT4 X 300"
  • In Im-3 the taper size and length - Type IM-3 / BT 50 X 500"