Measuring Pins


  • Straight Measuring Pins
  • Straight Rollers

Selection & Ordering

The selection depends on :

  • Different sizes of bores to be measured.
  • Number of bores to be checked.

The length of the Measuring Pins can be made to customer specifications. The diameter( delta) ranges from 1.00 mm to 10.00 mm.

For ordering the right size of Smitra Measuring pins, specify the diameter ( delta ) range with incremental values, and the length ( L ).

Description & Features

The Cylindrical Measuring Pins are made of superior quality high Carbon Chrome alloy steel, hardened to 58-60 HRC, to provide a high degree of wear resistance. The Measuring Pins are made of high accuracy and have a fine surface finish.

Common Uses

The Measuring Pins are used for checking bores, tapers, distances, thread teeth, and for general gauging purposes.

Scope of Supply

The Smitra Measuring Pins are manufactured as per IS - 11103 - 1984, with or without aluminum knobs. The measuring pins are supplied in Gauge box for safe keeping.

Ordering Example :

  • Smitra MP - 0.5mm to 1.55 mm in steps of 0.01 mm.
  • Smitra MP - 7.00mm to 10.00mm in steps of 0.05mm.