Ring Gauge


  • Master setting Gauges
  • Reference Gauges

Selection & Ordering

To selection depends primarily on the component to be measured :

  • In case only the OD of a component is to be measured, then the OD master of nominal size of the component should be used.
  • In case only the bore of a component is to be measured, then the Ring Gauge of nominal size of the component should be used.
  • In case the OD or bore as well as the face of the component is to be measured then a Base Circle Disc should be used.

Description & Features

  • The Reference Gauges are made of superior quality high Carbon Chrome alloy Steel.
  • Quality Heat treated and Hardened to 58-60 HRC, to provide a high degree of wear resistance.
  • The Gauges are manufactured to close tolerances and calibrated , in controlled conditions, to within 1 micron.
  • During manufacture the Gauges Cold Treated are properly stabilized to prevent any distortions and inaccuracies, and to ensure stability throughout their use.
  • The Gauges are particularly renowned to maintaining close tolerances with respect to ovalness and taper which is kept even to half a micron.

Common Uses

  • These Gauges are mainly used as a master to set other Gauges like Air Gauges, Electronic Gauges, Mechanical comparators, Bore Dial indicators; Mechanical, Electronic or Pneumatic comparators for measuring bore of any component.
  • The Ring type Gauge is used to measure a bore, and whenever an OD is to be checked with reference to the face of component, a Base Circle Disc is used.

Scope of Supply

The Smitra Reference Gauges consists of a stabilized steel Gauge piece, manufactured to a close tolerance and calibrated in the standards room, maintained at 20 degree centigrade to ensure a precise Reference size.

Ordering Example :

  • Smitra OD Master to set 50 dia.
  • Smitra Base Circle Disc for 80 dia.
  • Smitra Ring Gauge for 200 dia.