Snap Gauge


  • Fixed type Snap Gauge
  • Caliper Gauge
  • OD Check caliper Gauge ( for checking Grooves )
  • Gap Gauge

Selection & Ordering

To select the right sizes of Smitra Snap Gauges for checking ODs consider these points :

  • Specify the ODs of components to be measured and their manufacturing tolerances. Once the tolerances are specified the Gauges are automatically selected as per IS standard.

To Select the right sizes of Smitra Snap Gauges for Checking Grooves :

  • Specify the width of Grooves to be measured. Also specify shapes of the grooves ( show any radial inside the grooves ) so that suitable knife - edges can be provided.

Description & Features

  • The Snap Gauges are made of superior quality high Carbon Chrome alloy Steel.
  • Heat treated and hardened to 58-60 HRC, to provide a high degree of wear resistance.
  • The Snap Gauges are manufactured to close tolerance such as to ensure optimum life of the Gauges yet offer minimal manufacturing tolerance.
  • The Gauges are properly stabilized to prevent dimensional inaccuracies and ensure stability throughout their use.

Common Uses

  • The Snap Gauges are mainly used to measure ODs off components manufactured to specified tolerances. The Gauges with Knife-edges are used to check grooves.
  • The Snap Gauges are commonly used in areas of mass production where components ( whose ODs are checked ) are machined to specified tolerances for interchangeable fit with male parts.

Scope of Supply

The Smitra Double - ended Snap Gauges to measure diameters from 4 mm to 60 mm, consist of a single OHNS steel piece with calipers at both the ends. One end represents " GO " and the other end " NO GO "

The single - ended Snap Gauges to measure diameters from 4 mm to 160 mm also has a single OHNS steel piece with a caliper at one end. The caliper has a step so that the outer portion represents " GO " and the inner portion " NO - GO "

Both single ended and double - ended Gauges are also available to measure Grooves. These have special knife - edges at the end of the calipers to facilitate checking of Grooves.

The Snap gauges to measure very small diameters - less than 3 mm - have 2 pieces.

Ordering Example :

  • Smitra Snap Gauge : Double - ended / 15 h6
  • Smitra Snap Gauge : Double - ended / 55 g7