Quick Change Tool Post


Tool Post with Multi - Tool Holder.

Selection & Ordering

The selection of Quick Change Tool Post depends on :

  • The center height of the Lathe machine.
  • The design of the mounting mechanism on the machine.

The chart below shows the model to be selected based on center height and machine type.

SE - 210 SE - 150
HMT - LB - 17, LB - 20

LT - 20, NH - 22, NH - 26, H - 22, H - 26, Mysore Kirloskar, Shimoga, Enterprise series etc

Mysore Kirloskar EP -1330, Hicut, GD Loyal, Gedee Weiler, Anil, tiger, Small Lathes, etc
Center Height 180mm to 250 m

Tool Shank size 20- 25 mm sq

Center Height 150 mm to 180mm

Tool Shank size 15-25mm sq

Ordering Example

  • "Smitra Quick change Tool Post - Standard / Center Ht 170mm "for ordering a toll post for a Lathe machine having a center height of 170mm ( eg. HMT LB - 17 Lathe Machine), and requiring 'standard' tool holders.
  • In case of any other tool holder - for drilling / Knurling / parting tools - are required apart from the 'standard' , please specify clearly. "Smitra Quick Change Toll Post - Standard / Center Ht 170mm / Knurling " etc.

Description & Features

The Quick Change Tool Posts can be mounted on any centre Lathe Machines. The main clamp block of the tool Posts is mounted on the machine cross - slide by removing the normal square type 4 - way tool post. The Tool Posts can be easily mounted on Lathes by just tightening the clamp block bolts. The Tool Posts can also be mounted on hydraulic copying attachments.

Common Uses

As its name implies the Quick Change Tool Post is for quickly changing various tools required for different operations. Thus it increases operational productivity by saving on time and energy spent by a machine operator.

During complex machining operations frequent change of tools is necessary. A conventional tool post makes the change - over difficult and time consuming, due to setting each tool by centering each and every time. In comparison, in the Quick Change Tool Posts different tools can be pre mounted on various tool holders. Thus tools can be changed very quickly and easily, with repetitive accuracy ensured, also fine adjustments of the centre height are possible with a Thumbscrew Adjustor provided on the tool holder.

Scope of Supply

The standard Smitra Quick Change Tool Post consists of :

  • A main clamping block.
  • Four turning tool holders.
  • A boring tool holder.
  • A box spanner.
  • A bend key.

Other tool holders such as for drilling, knurling and parting tools are also supplied, against specific orders.