Wheel Flanges

Description & Features

The Wheel Flanges are made of Low Carbon steel with all contact surfaces machined to a smooth finish.

Maximum seating of the flanges on Machine Spindles is ensured by proper grinding and lapping of the taper bore in the flanges. Also, the circular out-step on the Flanges are machined so as to perfectly sit on the corresponding in-steps of grinding wheels and thus, ensure proper clamping of grinding wheels to the Flanges. Three adjustable balancing pieces are provided on the Flanges.

Keeping Grinding wheels pre - fitted with Flanges will result in quicker change over of wheels and thus, improved productivity.

Selection & Ordering

The Selection depends on the following points :

  • The Taper of the Machine Spindle.
  • The width and bore diameter of the grinding wheel.

Common Uses

The Wheel Flanges are used to clamp grinding wheels onto a cylindrical Grinding Machine.

Scope of Supply

The Smitra Wheel Flanges have a body with a Taper bore to suit grinding Machine Spindle. The Flange Plate allows the grinding machine spindle. The flange plate allows the grinding wheel to be clamped to the body.

The Smitra Wheel Flanges are available to match a variety of machines.

Ordering Example

Smitra Wheel Flange to suit HMT G - 17 cylindrical grinding machine.