Follow Rests

Selection & Ordering

The selection depends on the brand and model of the Lathe machine.

Ordering Example

Smitra Follow Rest - for HMT LB - 17.

Description & Features

The Follower Rests can be mounted on the cross-slide of Lathe Machines, opposite the tool post, as a support.

The Follow Rests have two adjustable points of soft material like Brass and Hylum, to allow rotation of jobs without causing abrasion scratches or scars. The soft point need replacement when these wear out.

Common Uses

The Follower Rests, fixed opposite the tool post, act as supports to counter balance the force exerted on the job by the tool. The two adjustable support points of the Follow Rests and the cutting edge of the tool from a triangle around the Job. This minimizes vibrations when turning long Jobs.

Scope of Supply

The Smitra Follow Rests are available for various brands of center Lathe machines, eg. HMT, Mysore Kirloskar. The Follower rests are available for different machine center heights and can hold jobs from upto 80mm in diameter.

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