Steady Rest

Selection & Ordering

The selection depends on :

  • The Brand and model of the Lathe Machine.
  • The range of diameters of jobs to be turned.

Ordering Example

Smitra Steady Rest - HMT NH - 26 / 80 - 140mm dia

Description & Features

The Steady rest can be mounted on Lathe Machine beds as an in-between (intermediary) static support between ends.

The Steady Rests have three adjustable points of soft material like brass and hylum, to allow rotation of jobs without causing abrasion scratches or scars. The soft point needs replacement after these wear out.

Common Uses

The Steady Rests are used as intermediary support between the headstock and tailstock of Lathes. Ideally used when turning long jobs.

Scope of Supply

The Smitra Steady rest are available for various brands of center Lathe machines eg. HMT, Mysore Kirloskar. The Steady rests are available for different machine center heights and can hold jobs of various diameter size

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