Plain Centers

Description & Features

The Centres are made from carbon - chromium alloy steel, hardened to 62 HRC to withstand wear. The Plain centers have a high surface finish to allow maximum bearing on master gauges. The runout with respect to come and taper angle is kept within 0.005 mm.

Selection & Ordering

The selection depends on the spindle nose of a machine which determines :

  • The angle of the cone - 30, 45, 60 or 90 degrees
  • The size of the shank - from MT-1 to MT-6

To order the right size of Plain Centres specify the angle of the cone and the shank size required

Common Uses

The centres are mainly used on lathes, grinding machines, CNC machines and measuring equipment.

The plain centers are generally mounted on machine headstock spindles, but in the case of measuring equipment Plain Centers can be used on both sides to hold a job in between.

Scope of Supply

The Centres have a Morse Taper shank with a 60 degree cone. Cones of 30, 45 and 90 degrees are also available against specific requirements

Generally, the Plain Centers are available with shank sizes from MT 1 to MT 6.

Ordering Example :

Smitra Plain Centres - MT-4 / 60 degree

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